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While the Presidential election was a grave disappointment, Moraine Township Democrats were quite successful in our local grassroots efforts to elect the majority of the Democrats that were on our ballot at the federal, state, county and local levels. We worked hard, and November’s election results show that Democratic candidates received overwhelming support from Moraine Township voters.

Although Hillary Clinton won Illinois with 56% of the vote to Trump’s 39% and the 10th Congressional District with 62% to 33%, Hillary absolutely crushed with 76.3% of Moraine Township votes to Trump’s 19.47%. Tammy Duckworth, our new U.S. Senator, received 60.49% of the Moraine Township vote to Mark Kirk’s 36.89%. Congressman Brad Schneider received 62.39% to Bob Dold’s 37.61%. 

Susana Mendoza, our new State Comptroller, received 57.92% to Leslie Munger’s 38.29% in Moraine. Julie Morrison, re-elected State Senator, received 67.79%.  State Representative Scott Drury, received 66.81%.  

Erin Cartwright Weinstein, our new Lake County Circuit Court Clerk, received 66.07%.  Lake County Recorder Mary Ellen Vanderventer received 70.9%. New Lake County Board Member Paul Frank received 69.97%. Mitchell Hoffman received 100% (unopposed) of the vote to become an elected Judge in the 19th Circuit Court.  Circuit Court Judge Mark Levitt retained his position with 87.28%. Through your efforts, Moraine Township remains a Democratic stronghold. 

Vote for Township Team Moraine – April 4, 2017 Election

team photo pick
(L to R) Cindy Wolfson, Amy Zisook, Dwayne Douglas, Anne Bassi, Pablo Alvarez, Cynthia Plouche, Gail Feiger Brown

The enthusiasm and excitement were palpable as almost 80 Moraine Township Democrats gathered the vening of December 6 to nominate their seven candidates for Moraine Township government for the next four-year term (2017-2021). The election will be held on April 4, 2017.

Six incumbents and one newcomer were unanimously selected as candidates to continue the outstanding work of the current Township administration. Continuing officials include Township Supervisor, Anne Flanigan Bassi; Township Clerk, Gail Feiger Brown; Township Assessor, Cynthia Plouché; and Trustees Dwayne Douglas, Cindy Wolfson and Amy Zisook. Pablo Alvarez was nominated to fill the position of retiring Trustee Olga Gomez Aguilar.

2016 Moraine Township Democratic Caucus

Moraine Township Democratic Chair Lauren Beth Gash introduced the candidates noting how fortunate Moraine Township was to have such a “dedicated, committed team working to deliver needed services to residents.”

Nominating speeches highlighted the Township’s team for its leadership and accomplishments over the past four years, including reducing the Township portion of residents’ property taxes by more than 9%, and expanding services, and reducing elected officials compensation by almost 30%. Led by its elected officials and through the unprecedented number of volunteers, the Township was able to expand community services at no additional cost to township residents.  Examples include assisting residents in enrolling for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, and free tax return preparation for low income taxpayers through IRS’ VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) Program.

2016 Moraine Township Democratic caucus two

Moraine Township’s portion of the property tax on a $350,000 home is less than $70/year; approximately 40% of that amount supports the Township Assessor’s office. Moraine Township provided over 17,000 resident services/responses in the last fiscal year, including Food Pantry visits, paratransit door-to-door van rides for seniors and disabled residents, Emergency and General Assistance, utility assistance, help accessing health insurance and income tax preparation, management of two cemeteries, and services of the Township Assessor’s office. In addition to determining the market value of the Township’s more than 13,000 land parcels, the Assessor’s office assists with property tax relief and support for the appeals process.

Team * Moraine is excited to continue to serve residents with innovative programs that leverage the strength of the volunteer community, and judiciously use taxpayer resources to meet residents’ needs.

For additional information call Team * Moraine at 847-579-9432 or email

Moraine Township Reduces Property Tax Levy and Elected Officials Compensation

The Moraine Township 2016 Property Tax Levy will be reduced by 5%, and compensation for Elected Officials will be cut by 28% for the 2017 – 2021 term, as decided by a Moraine Township Board of Trustees vote last week.  In the last four years, Moraine Township has reduced its levy by over 9%.

The reductions are funded by the elimination of rent expense due to the October purchase of a permanent home for Township services, reduction in Elected Officials compensation, as well as reorganization of office staffing, according to Moraine Township Supervisor Anne Flanigan Bassi.

“Purchase of a permanent, centrally-located home with adequate parking was a significant tax-saving move which allows the Township to assess its budget needs without concern about rental increases,” commented Moraine Township Trustee Dwayne Douglas.

“The new space will remain in convenient downtown Highland Park for clients to access the popular Food Pantry and for Township staff and volunteers to adequately deliver other needed social services,” noted Trustee Amy Zisook.

Currently, less than $100 of a property tax bill on a $500,000 home funds Moraine Township services, which includes General and Emergency Assistance, Senior/Disabled transportation, Food Pantry, two Township cemeteries, the Township Assessor’s office, and other social services.  In the last 12-month period, the Township provided over 16,000 resident services/responses.

The vote to set compensation for Elected Officials next term is in accordance with Illinois law.  Elected Officials base salaries will be reduced by almost 20%, and total compensation including benefits by almost 30%.

  • Township Supervisor: base salary reduced by 31% from $65,000 per year to $45,000, and elimination of eligibility for health insurance and IMRF pension;
  • Township Clerk: base salary reduced by 33% from $18,000 to $12,000, no employee benefits;
  • Township Trustees: base salary reduced by 50% from $3,000 per year to $1,500, no employee benefits;
  • Township Assessor base salary frozen at $74,000 per year for the full-time position, and elimination of eligibility for IMRF pension.

For additional information call Moraine Township at 847-432-3240 or email Moraine Township’s website is

MTDO Party With Our Party

On the evening of July 13, close to 100 local Democrats celebrated the summer at Moraine Dems annual membership event, Party with Our Party, hosted this year by Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering. Even a brief thunderstorm could not dampen the festive mood as all present moved indoors to hear inspiring speeches from Susana Mendoza, candidate for Illinois Comptroller; Brad Schneider, candidate for Congress from the 10th District; Illinois State Senator Julie Morrison and State Representative Scott Drury, both running for reelection; Erin Cartwright Weinstein, candidate for Clerk of the Court of Lake County; Matt Stanton, candidate for Lake County State’s Attorney; and Tom Rudd, Lake County Corone r. A team of Tenth Dems interns staffed the sign-in table and helped keep the food platters full and the drinks flowing. Susana Mendoza, candidate for Illinois Comptroller, brought along her young son David, who seemed to find the speeches almost as entertaining as the rope swing in the garden.

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