Moraine Township Democratic Organization

HELP! Replace Clothing Items Lost in Fire!

Can you help Waukegan Township residents succeed in their efforts to find jobs? We are in great need of clothing that is appropriate for job interviews and for the workplace. The organization that has been supporting this part of the program had their entire clothing inventory destroyed by fire. Your donations of clothing would be so helpful, and so very much appreciated.

Through the Community Connection office in Waukegan, Tenth Dems are very involved in Waukegan Township’s efforts to help people find employment.  A key element of the township’s program is “Dress for Success to Impress,” which offers advice and clothing for job candidates and for the workplace. Please help us rebuild their inventory.

We need professional clothing for both men and women, including jackets, skirts and trousers, blouses and shirts, sweaters, shoes, belts, and ties. It’s a real confidence-booster to walk into that job interview knowing you are dressed appropriately. And, of course, every day afterwards when you dress for that job you now have.

Clothing donations will be directed to Democrats United For Fairness (DUFF). Two drop-off sites are listed below, or call 1-847-266-8683 (1-847-266-VOTE) to make other arrangements. If you’re planning to drop off your donations with the Moraine Township Democrats, please call first to be sure that someone is in the office to receive them.

    Moraine Township Democratic Organization (MTDO)
    442 Central Avenue, Highland Park, 2nd floor (above Enaz Boutique)
    Park Place Senior Services
    414 South Lewis Avenue, Waukegan

Thank you so much!