Moraine Township Democratic Organization

Message from Our Chair on the Convention Floor

Lauren Beth Gash at Democratic Convention 2012


Standing just a few feet from the podium of this convention (in a venue with almost 20,000 people), I can’t tell you how good it feels to be part of a Democratic party that stands up for choice, equality, and economic opportunity for all.

It was an honor to cast a vote to nominate the President, my former colleague in the Illinois legislature, someone I’ve known for over 15 years and personally campaigned for in Iowa in 2007. In a packed convention hall, I’m reminded that Democrats can take on the Republican machine — and win — because when our core values are threatened, we stand together.

As you know, Democrats face an onslaught of attack ads condemned by nonpartisan fact-checkers and funded by billions in special interest money — all to further a Republican agenda praised by Tea Partiers as the most conservative in history. But with your help, we can win. Can you chip in $20 to help?

Although I’ve gone to conventions since 1980, I’ve NEVER felt this proud of our party and our candidates — or this hopeful about the future.

Lauren Beth Gash, Chair,
Moraine Township Democratic Organization