Moraine Township Democratic Organization



While the Presidential election was a grave disappointment, Moraine Township Democrats were quite successful in our local grassroots efforts to elect the majority of the Democrats that were on our ballot at the federal, state, county and local levels. We worked hard, and November’s election results show that Democratic candidates received overwhelming support from Moraine Township voters.

Although Hillary Clinton won Illinois with 56% of the vote to Trump’s 39% and the 10th Congressional District with 62% to 33%, Hillary absolutely crushed with 76.3% of Moraine Township votes to Trump’s 19.47%. Tammy Duckworth, our new U.S. Senator, received 60.49% of the Moraine Township vote to Mark Kirk’s 36.89%. Congressman Brad Schneider received 62.39% to Bob Dold’s 37.61%. 

Susana Mendoza, our new State Comptroller, received 57.92% to Leslie Munger’s 38.29% in Moraine. Julie Morrison, re-elected State Senator, received 67.79%.  State Representative Scott Drury, received 66.81%.  

Erin Cartwright Weinstein, our new Lake County Circuit Court Clerk, received 66.07%.  Lake County Recorder Mary Ellen Vanderventer received 70.9%. New Lake County Board Member Paul Frank received 69.97%. Mitchell Hoffman received 100% (unopposed) of the vote to become an elected Judge in the 19th Circuit Court.  Circuit Court Judge Mark Levitt retained his position with 87.28%. Through your efforts, Moraine Township remains a Democratic stronghold.