Moraine Township Democratic Organization

New Democratic Team Elected to Moraine Township Government

(Front, l-r) Cynthia Plouché, Anne Flanigan Bassi, Gail Feiger Brown; (Back, l-r) Cindy Wolfson, Dwayne Douglas, Amy Zisook, Olga Gomez Aguilar

Democrats will continue to provide outstanding, cost-effective service to Moraine Township residents for the next four years.  The team that was unanimously slated by the Democratic caucus last December won the April 9, 2013, general election:  Anne Flanigan Bassi, Township Supervisor; Cynthia Plouché, Township Assessor;  Gail Feiger Brown, Township Clerk;  Olga Gomez Aguilar, Dwayne Douglas, Cindy Wolfson, and Amy Zisook, Township Trustees.

“We are fortunate that individuals of this caliber stepped forward to serve our residents,” said Lauren Beth Gash, Moraine Township Democratic Organization Chair.

“Our team represents a cross-section of the age, geographic and cultural demographics of the township, and has devoted decades of volunteer effort to helping residents in our community,” noted Bassi, who has represented most of the Moraine Township geographic area on the Lake County Board for the last ten years. “We can leverage our resources more effectively through partnerships, and my experience on the County Board will help us understand the regional resources available to help our residents here in Moraine.”

Members of the team are committed to working hard to ensure that Moraine Township government operates with compassion to provide a safety net for our neediest residents.
–Tenth Dems