Moraine Township Democratic Organization

Vote for Township Team Moraine – April 4, 2017 Election

team photo pick
(L to R) Cindy Wolfson, Amy Zisook, Dwayne Douglas, Anne Bassi, Pablo Alvarez, Cynthia Plouche, Gail Feiger Brown

The enthusiasm and excitement were palpable as almost 80 Moraine Township Democrats gathered the vening of December 6 to nominate their seven candidates for Moraine Township government for the next four-year term (2017-2021). The election will be held on April 4, 2017.

Six incumbents and one newcomer were unanimously selected as candidates to continue the outstanding work of the current Township administration. Continuing officials include Township Supervisor, Anne Flanigan Bassi; Township Clerk, Gail Feiger Brown; Township Assessor, Cynthia Plouché; and Trustees Dwayne Douglas, Cindy Wolfson and Amy Zisook. Pablo Alvarez was nominated to fill the position of retiring Trustee Olga Gomez Aguilar.

2016 Moraine Township Democratic Caucus

Moraine Township Democratic Chair Lauren Beth Gash introduced the candidates noting how fortunate Moraine Township was to have such a “dedicated, committed team working to deliver needed services to residents.”

Nominating speeches highlighted the Township’s team for its leadership and accomplishments over the past four years, including reducing the Township portion of residents’ property taxes by more than 9%, and expanding services, and reducing elected officials compensation by almost 30%. Led by its elected officials and through the unprecedented number of volunteers, the Township was able to expand community services at no additional cost to township residents.  Examples include assisting residents in enrolling for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, and free tax return preparation for low income taxpayers through IRS’ VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) Program.

2016 Moraine Township Democratic caucus two

Moraine Township’s portion of the property tax on a $350,000 home is less than $70/year; approximately 40% of that amount supports the Township Assessor’s office. Moraine Township provided over 17,000 resident services/responses in the last fiscal year, including Food Pantry visits, paratransit door-to-door van rides for seniors and disabled residents, Emergency and General Assistance, utility assistance, help accessing health insurance and income tax preparation, management of two cemeteries, and services of the Township Assessor’s office. In addition to determining the market value of the Township’s more than 13,000 land parcels, the Assessor’s office assists with property tax relief and support for the appeals process.

Team * Moraine is excited to continue to serve residents with innovative programs that leverage the strength of the volunteer community, and judiciously use taxpayer resources to meet residents’ needs.

For additional information call Team * Moraine at 847-579-9432 or email