Moraine Township Democratic Organization

What Is Giving Tuesday????

If you’ve never heard of Giving Tuesday, that’s because it’s brand new!  Giving Tuesday is a campaign to create a national day of giving during the holidays.  It means more than giving stuff to people who already have too much stuff.  It means helping organizations like Tenth Dems perform the work that benefits us all.

You can be part of Giving Tuesday today by making a donation to Tenth Dems!  Every contribution helps, no matter how much!  Memberships purchased now count toward 2013  dues ($35 individual and $60 couples). Help us pay the bills that help get our candidates elected, like rent, printing, and telephone


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Your donation funds such programs as our Community Connection in Waukegan, which helps connect constituents with services, and our High School Poetry and Prose Slam, which inspires area students.

Your donation enables Tenth Dems to engage voters through free Let’s Talk Politics roundtables and through Tenth Dems University programs with keynote speakers, such as populist Jim Hightower and The Nation’s John Nichols.

Your donation helps fuel the fight for progressive values, such as national health care, consumer safety, environmental protections, women’s rights, and decent jobs by helping elect Democratic candidates.

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Your donation maintains the infrastructure so critical to winning elections.  Tenth Dems engages voters year-round so they are ready and willing to volunteer as soon as campaigns need them.

Your donation keeps Tenth Dems’ Voter Protection Team ready to insure that every legitimate 10th district resident’s vote is counted.

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